Analytical tools

We provide you with access to the top fundamental and technical analysis trading tools so you can plan your trades with confidence.

Economic calendar

Keep track of high impact news, market-moving economic events and data releases with our Economic Calendar.

Access it on our website or the Exness Trade app.

Trading signals by Trading Central

Use Trading Centrals signals to develop your strategies and plan your trades. The signals incorporate a variety of analytical approaches, providing a valuable tool for traders under all market conditions and timeframes.

Available in your Personal Area or the Exness Trade app.

Market news by FXStreet

Stay up-to-date with a real-time feed of market news and the latest updates from the team at FXStreet News. Available in your Personal Area or the Exness Trade app.

Frequently asked questions

Analytical tools in CFD trading can be categorized as either fundamental analysis or technical analysis trading tools.

Fundamental analysis helps traders forecast price movements based on economic, political, and other relevant drivers. On the other hand, technical analysis predicts price movements and market trends by studying charts of past market actions.

The fundamental analysis tools available to Exness traders are the Economic Calendar, FXStreet News and Trading Central WebTV. As for technical analysis tools, Exness offers signals by Trading Central, and TC Technical Analysis Indicator.

Many traders use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis tools to predict the price movements of currency pairs and other instruments. Exness gives you access to the top trading tools so that you can plan your trades confidently.

The analytical tools we provide include the Economic Calendar, Trading Central WebTV and FXStreet News, which are free to use and easily accessible.

Available in your Personal Area and in the Exness Trade app, you can freely use the trading signals from Trading Central to plan your strategies and trades.

The signals incorporate a variety of analytical approaches and are able to give you insights on expected trends. They are considered valuable trading tools for both beginners and experienced traders.

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